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Specialised Wildlife Protection Academy have 40 years combined experience in Counter Poaching, Wildlife Protection, Intelligence and Special Forces Operations in Private Game Farms as well as National Parks.
We are part of the anti-poaching team as honarary officers in our national parks of the North West Province where we train students at private parks, national parks and all related wildlife organisations.
We train students to perfection in bush skills, survival, tracking and counter poaching to prevent harm to our endangered species and wildlife.
Our main training facility is in the North West Province, however, other Provinces may enquire about training too.
If an experience with nature and magnificent wildlife is what interests you, take a course and qualify as a counter poaching game ranger through Specialised Wildlife Protection Academy.

After completion of our courses you will be ready to deploy as a counter pouching game ranger, nationally or internationally.

Specialised Counter Poaching Game Ranger Course

* Equipment, Patrolling, Survival , Navigation and Tracking (May be done as separate courses)
* Organization using small team tactics
* Kayak operations and Rendezvous
* Hides and Battle Craft
* Cashes on long periods of patrols in parks
* Specialised scouting in game reserves and National Parks
* Infiltration of high risk poaching areas
* Joint counter poaching operations with national authorities
* Optical equipment and photography when on patrol
* Camouflage and concealment

Other Courses Include

* Adventure camps for children to promote Nature Conservation
* Camping in the bush
* Abseiling
* Survival
* Night Navigation
* Optical Course


- All manufactured by Specialised Wildlife Protection Academy

* Specialised back packs and equipment
* Game Ranger Tents
* Game Ranger Equipment
* Optical Equipment
* Any type of camouflage


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