About us

Learning Matrix Academy is a micro-school (fewer than 35 learners) in Elardus Park, Pretoria, providing quality education to gr 10 to 12 students intending to write the National Senior Certificate examination.

What makes us special

  • Small classes
  • Wide subject choice
  • An accelerated matric (Gr. 10 and Gr. 11 or Gr.11 and Gr.12 in one year) in deserving cases
  • High academic standard
  • Competent, caring, experienced educators
  • Strong academic pressure within a nurturing environment

Our History

In 1965 Capital College in Sunnyside, Pretoria was formed to cater for gr 10 to 12 learners who do not fit the conventional school mould.  Most of our teachers taught at Capital College for many years till its closure in 2004.  Their experience at Capital taught them how to be more than just teachers.  Rather they are strong formative influences in the lives of their students - both academically and personally.

In 1999 Competitive Futures cc was formed as a maths, science and study counselling centre.  From 2002 to 2004 Competitive Futures held a contract to provide math and science tuition at Capital College.  With the closure of Capital, most of the staff joined Competitive Futures.  The cc now trades as Learning Matrix Academy (morning school) and Top Tutor (afternoon and evening extra classes).



As Learning Matrix we have successfully prepared our first two matric groups for their National Senior Certificate examinations.  In 2005 we obtained 15 subject distinctions from 14 gr 12 students. Most of them also obtained university entrance.   In 2006 our matrics boasted a 100% pass rate; 78% university entrance; 45% merit (average % above 60%) and 7 subject distinctions.  Two students who would have been repeating gr 10 in their previous school, passed matric with, among other things, 65% on math SG.

Now (November 2007) we have several students completing their matric who would have been repeating gr 10 or gr 11 if they had remained at their previous school.  We believe that most if not all of them have matured academically, socially and personally to the point where they will pass their finals this year.  Our combination of high expectations plus nurturance certainly had something to do with it, but of course nothing would have happened without our students’ own efforts!

Our Staff

Qualified, experienced, caring teachers, registered with SACE and bound by a professional code.


Our Students

Our students represent a rainbow of nationalities.  Usually about half are from Europe, East Africa and the Far East and half are South Africans.  While our foreign students generally enroll for the NSC in order to attend university here, many of our South African students are seeking a matric upgrade in order to qualify for specific tertiary courses.  Others have fallen behind due to illness, time spent abroad, etc, and so need help to catch up with their peers.  Some need small group tuition in order to progress.