Company Profile

The company was established in December 1995 by Mr Dinnesh (Dino) Singh a qualified electricain who has 28 years experience in the electrical field.

Field of Operation

  • Maintenance and installation of domestic, industrial and commercial electrical installations.
  • Certificates of Compliance
  • Automation of Machinery
  • Building and installation of electrical panels
  • Installation of Programmable Logic Control Systems
  • Designing of installations
  • Standby generator installation

Company Contract History

the company has been awarded large contracts with rocognised companies and organisations, some of which are listed below:

  Nestle 1 000 000.00
  Nortech 300 000.00
  Capital Towers 4 200 000.00
  Shurlock 2 500 000.00
  Macdonald Steel 1 600 000.00
  Conversion 2 300 000.00
  RTI 2 000 000.00

BEE Status and Staff Training Objectives

Our BEE status is a Level 3 at 75% to 80%. We use FET College graduates, which we train in the following objectives:

  • To train unskilled labourers and make skilled artisans or assistants in the electrical trade
  • To motivate staff to excel and improve themselves through training
  • To train staff to give the best advise and solutions
  • To have staff always maintain a high market visibility through appearance and service.

Company Warrantee and Insuarance Policy

It is our policy to deliver the best service and thus all work is Warranted against defective materials and workmanship for a period of three (3) months, provided that installations have not been tampered with.

Dino's Electrical operates to the highest standards, but because there are some events, which are out of our control, we have a R5 000 000.00 public liability cover with Mutual & Federal Insuarance Company.

Company Vision and Mission

It is the vision and mission of management of Dino's Electrical to become a leading company in the electrical field by:

  • Mainataining the highest standard of workmanship
  • Operating with intergrity
  • Obtaining the respect of our customers through cost effective and outstanding service standards
  • Obtaining the respect and admiration of our peers in the industry.